The Politics of Despair Is All We Have Left

And here we are again just like 2016. Donald Trump, petulant amoral monster of a human being, against an empty neoliberal with a long list of highly problematic political stances paired with a penchant for nepotism and corruption. Lesser of two evils logic dictates that we voters cast our lot with the latter, and if…

It’s Not a Protest Vote.

Voting my conscience, advocating for representatives who actually represent my concerns and ethics, is not protest. It is a requirement of a conscientious citizen of a democracy. Them’s the rules.

Leveraging My Dissent: Why Saying I'll Vote for Clinton Wouldn't Help My Cause

We have to change the way we choose. Without that, we are forever at the mercy of corporate democracy and corporate media, which insists that there are only ever going to be two parties – and both parties are fairly closely aligned in their devotion to the system itself. Neither likes the idea of competition.

My Dissent: Why I Won’t Vote for Clinton If She’s Nominated

What we have now is the public vivisection of the status quo, a “money, mo’ money” status that has led us to Bernie Madoff, Martin Shkreli, “The Big Short” and too-big-to-fail banking firms that are now bigger and more risky than they were before the Great Recession. We can see the bones of corruption beneath the layers now, and we are finally infuriated. We’re ready to act, en masse, because eyes are opening to the lies and the manipulation that so transparently attempts to keep a candidate we like from even appearing on t.v. We don’t trust the previously trusted voices, and we find more and more often the ties between the the naysayers and the money behind the curtain.