The Politics of Despair Is All We Have Left

And here we are again just like 2016. Donald Trump, petulant amoral monster of a human being, against an empty neoliberal with a long list of highly problematic political stances paired with a penchant for nepotism and corruption. Lesser of two evils logic dictates that we voters cast our lot with the latter, and if…

Barack Obama Can Shut the Fuck Up Now

If we don’t publicly and loudly acknowledge that the Obama administration was a hollow, symbolic victory followed by eight years of neoliberal clusterfuckery that did almost nothing for the poor, the working class, the middle class and minorities – yes, minorities – then we are likely to keep fighting the zombie Centrists that are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Pete Fucking Buttigieg for far too long.

Billionaires and the DNC Are Flinging Shit (Candidates) at America All Because of Someone Cable News Won’t Even Talk About

With today’s entry into the Democratic Presidential Primary of blah-blah-blah something something Deval Patrick, the last week has now officially devolved into a full-on reality show about billionaires and their cronies desperately trying to put out the fire raging in their gin-and-Beluga-caviar-soaked disco party here in the good ol’ US of A. To recap, it’s…

Andrew Yang Just Sucker-Punched the #YangGang.

Let me just say this fast: Andrew Yang just sold his Yang Gang some serious political bullshit. If they’re up for eating it will be the judge of their campaign. Yes, their campaign, not his. It has been his fervent supporters who insist that Yang is very similar to Bernie Sanders and preferable even (“Because…

Forty-Three Percent Failure

Sanders was, in fact, the “all issues” candidate, and Clinton simply cherry-picked those that wouldn’t change one iota about our current economy. She was doling out breadcrumbs imagining that we would think they were bakeries.

Now the Hard Part Begins, America.

Grow tougher, grow stronger, grow more resilient. Definitely become more resourceful. Because there is no cavalry coming to save us. There is only us.

It’s Not a Protest Vote.

Voting my conscience, advocating for representatives who actually represent my concerns and ethics, is not protest. It is a requirement of a conscientious citizen of a democracy. Them’s the rules.