Barack Obama Can Shut the Fuck Up Now

So , while speaking to a bunch of rich DNC “donor class” bottom feeders on Friday, former President Barack Obama cautioned Dem candidates from being “bold and creative.”

As a card-carrying Wall Street apologist known best for being the first black American president, Obama presided over the biggest bailout of greed-driven financial monstrosities in the history of the world. In the wake of an ungodly abuse of power by megabanks across the board, it was the Obama administration (largely put in place and populated by the very oligarchs who created the crisis) that decided the best response to 5 trillion dollars in pension money, real estate value, 401k, savings and bonds disappearing, 8 million people losing their jobs and 6 million people losing their homes was to, you know, give those same criminal motherfuckers a bunch of taxpayers’ money so they could resume doing the same awful shit they’d been doing before.

Gotcha, Barack. Don’t dare to be bold or creative. Just resume the same ol’, same ol’.

Matt Stoller appeared on “Rising” today and made the case that no one has the courage or honesty to admit that Obama was not a good president. It was a bold thing to do.

I seriously don’t know how much longer I can keep saying – in order to avoid being called a racist – that I voted for this cowardly Centrist tool twice. Like so many progressive voters who feel betrayed by the Obama administration’s handling of my “Hope,” I almost always feel compelled to preface my voting history before uttering any criticisms of the man. But this shit is wearing thin.

During a week in which we’ve seen billionaires and Centrists either entering the primary race themselves or dropping some sneering/dismissive soundbites about things that progressives hold dear, Obama’s comments to a bunch of millionaires sound like part of a coordinated propaganda attack against actual progressives. From Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick jumping onto the back of the primary like fleas on a dog, to Nancy Pelosi offering her disdain for Medicare for All to Bloomberg’s own media network (yeah, no obvious irony there), and the continuing waffling weirdness that is Elizabeth Warren (Does she or doesn’t she support M4A? Why does she try SO HARD to suck up to voters without actually wanting to talk about specifics in her proposals?), this week has been a shitstorm of neoliberal lukewarm-ness. That lukewarm-ness, we should all know by now, usually precedes the inevitable compromise to the right and failure to accomplish anything for anyone except the enormously wealthy and privileged.

Obama is just the icing on the cake. And it’s not a good cake.

Matt Stoller appeared on “Rising” today and made the case that no one has the courage or honesty to admit that Obama was not a good president. It was a bold thing to do, and he made the case that even Bernie Sanders, the banner carrier of the new left, didn’t dare criticize Obama either…at least not in public. Obama’s popularity with the public and especially within the African-American community make criticizing him a particularly risky proposal. No matter what you say, even if you back your criticisms up with indisputable facts, you run the risk of being denounced as a racist and a shitty American. It’s understandable that politicians especially are unwilling to go there.

But it’s got to end. As I’ve said before, we have to separate the man from the politics. If we don’t publicly and loudly acknowledge that the Obama administration was a hollow, symbolic victory followed by eight years of neoliberal clusterfuckery that did almost nothing for the poor, the working class, the middle class and minorities – yes, minorities – then we are likely to keep fighting the zombie Centrists that are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Pete Fucking Buttigieg for far too long. We need progress now, not in twenty years. We need immediate policy changes that will begin redressing the rampant income inequality that’s turning America into a feudal oligarchy. We need economic justice that holds millionaires and billionaires accountable for the unethical shit they do to make ungodly sums of money. We need racial justice for the black Americans harassed, abused and incarcerated by police, judges and politicians who see them as demeaning racist stereotypes. We need political justice for every voter who was ever lied to and told that their willingness to vote was the most sacred and important part of our democracy, only to have politicians ignore them and their concerns with extreme prejudice the moment the votes were counted. We need healthcare justice for the millions of Americans who can’t afford healthcare at all and for the millions more who go into crippling debt to pay for essential healthcare when they are sick or injured. Folks, we just need Justice with a capital “J” all across the board.

And it begins with admitting when bullshit is bullshit.

Obama was bullshit. Was he poised in the face of endless racist attacks from Mitch McConnell and the KKK reunion that is the Republican party? Yeah, and I give him all the credit in the world for that. Beyond that, though, he never really had our interests at heart when it came to capital “J” Justice. For that, he rightfully deserves to be called a “bad president.” For that, he deserves part of the blame for giving us Trump. As Krystal Ball and Sagaar Enjeti noted on “Rising,” it was Obama who anointed Hillary Clinton to carry on his political legacy. In retrospect, that’s enough to condemn the man.

So if no one else is going to, I will.

Fuck Obama. He fucked us all, and now he’s chiming in to tell us that the shit show isn’t in need of an overhaul because, you know, Americans are “less revolutionary than…interested in improvement.” Ummm, fuck you you fucking fuck. Go bathe in your bathtub full of cash, you prick.

I want a fucking revolution.

And you’re not invited.

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