American Prayer 2017

America, you have asked too much of us.

Far, far too much.

It is August 26, 2017, and we, the remaining sane citizens of the United States of America can no longer give you our hearts, our love, our compassion.

You’ve exhausted us.

Patience has limits. At every turn you behave worse and worse and worse.

No minister, rabbi, imam, holy leader would blame us.

Our hearts are shattered when we look at you, realizing again that you are asking us to tolerate more selfishness, more thoughtlessness, more self-destructiveness, more violence, more thievery, more cruelty.

Always more.

The sane are done with you.

Look elsewhere for your allies, your rescuers. We’re not going to bail you out anymore. We can’t.

It hurts far too much.

We will no longer give you money when you ask for it. We know you won’t use it for anything you should.

We will no longer give you emotional support when you cry and wring your hands begging for us to feel your pain. It’s never genuine.

We will no longer be surprised by your horrific behavior. We expect it. We’d be foolish not to.

We will no longer respond to your calls, your emails, your letters, your plaintive cries for support on Facebook or Twitter.

We will no longer defend you when others criticize you.

We will no longer imagine how you might have been healed.

We will no longer fight for your future.

Despite your ubiquitous presence as one horrific story after another in the media, we will no longer pay attention, nor will we care.

You stopped caring for anyone but yourself a long long time ago.

We finally realize that’s never going to change.

And we have to take care of ourselves now, heal the wounds that you’ve left with us over the years we were trying to heal you.

We will never acknowledge you — good behavior or bad — ever again.

We’re going to live.

We’re going to seek out our happiness again.

You’re already dead.

We almost died trying to heal the corpse.

No more.


No more pouring our hearts and hopes into a grave.

We’re going to spread our love wide now.


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