QUICK HITS: Start the Resistance and Stop the Whining

Okay, now that we’ve spent the better part of a month freaking out that Trump won the election, it’s time to get working. Here are 10 quick suggestions that will do us all a world of good. Consider them the gospel. I implore you.

  1. STOP talking about Trump or Clinton. 
  2. START talking about the issues that should be our priorities.
  3. STOP lamenting the cataclysmic election.
  4. STOP trying to place blame on various segments of the electorate for the result.
  5. START talking about how to leverage political power against the coming onslaught of arch-conservative policy proposals.
  6. START organizing resistance to any sort of censorship of non-corporate news media outlets.
  7. STOP vilifying people.
  8. START looking for weaknesses to exploit in the Republican power structure.
  9. START looking out for everyone, sharing support, encouragement and love.
  10. START being strong, courageous and indefatigable.

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