Neoliberalism for Dummies

Neoliberalism – Putting the market in charge of social policy and actually encouraging industries to move abroad for higher profit margins (but for fewer industrial jobs at home).

That’s it, folks.

To expand on that simple explanation, this means that government does its all to de-regulate industries of every variety, allows massive mergers of already too big companies into monopolistic “transnationals” and then gives them more political clout than the hundreds of millions of American citizens.

It also means outlawing labor unions at every opportunity, minimizing the power of workers in both blue and white collar jobs.

It means turning government into a training ground for future corporate lobbyists.

It means those lobbyists raking in hundreds of millions of dollars to pervert government’s efforts at justice away from everyday Americans and toward the benefit of billionaires, millionaires and corporations.

It means fighting tooth and nail to keep the minimum wage so low that corporate CEOs can be fired and given hundreds of millions of dollars in severance for a job they did badly.

It means condescending to those who protest against dangerous pollution, militarized racist police, and lethal income inequality.

It means the rich think that “America is already great” while millions can’t even pay for a doctor’s visit when they’re sick.

It means equating wealth with righteousness and poverty with laziness.

It means news driven by profit, not by pursuit of the truth.

It means journalists meeting privately with politicians to strategize future news stories.

It means putting “entrepreneurs” on a pedestal and everyone else be damned.

It means an obsessive reverence for higher education and almost utter disregard for those who haven’t pursued it.

It means convenience over quality.

It means the battle for civil rights becomes a toothless argument about “identity politics” that remains precariously balanced on the edge of tragedy if Republicans ever win power.

It means taking the votes of minorities and the working class for granted because of the good things your party did for them several decades ago.

It means calling African-Americans your “firewall.”

It means nuanced political “spin.”

It means the utter absence of genuine nuanced thinking.

It means the maintenance of a false dichotomy of right and left, Republican and Democrat, as if these are the only possible choices ever.

It means two political parties fighting for corporate America, and one giving lip-service to fighting for the rest of us.

It means decades of presidents, both Democrat and Republican, working toward virtually the same goals, and achieving them.

It means money talks and, unless you have some to contribute, just shut the hell up.

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