Netflix Thinks “The Big Short” Is a Comedy

No one was laughing coming out of the theater. I remember very clearly telling the usher who was standing outside the door, “People are going to be angry coming out of this movie. Oh my god.”

Say Goodbye to Auto-Pilot Politics.

Turn off the auto-pilot. Pay close attention. Don’t surrender. Don’t ignore the events of the day because they make you sad or tired or whatever. The country is in a steep descent, and we’ve got to find a way to stop it.

Forty-Three Percent Failure

Sanders was, in fact, the “all issues” candidate, and Clinton simply cherry-picked those that wouldn’t change one iota about our current economy. She was doling out breadcrumbs imagining that we would think they were bakeries.

Now the Hard Part Begins, America.

Grow tougher, grow stronger, grow more resilient. Definitely become more resourceful. Because there is no cavalry coming to save us. There is only us.