Voting in the Dark

So, no matter what voting improvements are made, if any, in the coming year or four, rest assured it likely won’t be enough. Unless we radically reassess the actual voting process, all of those down-ticket candidates and issues are being settled – in far too many instances – by the equivalent of taking a multiple choice quiz without ever receiving adequate study materials. When it comes to real democratic elections, folks, we are doomed to fail that test.

The Everlasting Trumpgasm of the Corporate News Media

What the corporate media has discovered in the Republican nominee is pure money-making political pornography. They have a candidate so outrageous, so forbidden, so unacceptable, yet so much a part of the popular culture that they can air him without much of any public backlash.

It’s Not a Protest Vote.

Voting my conscience, advocating for representatives who actually represent my concerns and ethics, is not protest. It is a requirement of a conscientious citizen of a democracy. Them’s the rules.