Even Surrender Is Not Enough

Being a cop requires more than a gun. It requires the ability to assess situations for what they are, assess people in stressful situations, and do what you can to enforce the law with as little physical force as possible. If you disagree with that, you shouldn’t be a cop.

It’s Not Apathy: The User Experience of Voting in America.

Imagine, in the months prior to an election, if each of us could go to a single website, identify our state and county, and get a sample ballot as well as a non-partisan summary of all the candidates and issues. Imagine if that summary identified where candidates stood on their signature issues in simple, spin-free language.

America’s Culture of Petulance

In the fighting stance that has become our national discourse, everything ends in violence of one type or another, so why even try to avoid it? Just put up your fists and sharpen your tongue. There will be blood.

Leveraging My Dissent: Why Saying I'll Vote for Clinton Wouldn't Help My Cause

We have to change the way we choose. Without that, we are forever at the mercy of corporate democracy and corporate media, which insists that there are only ever going to be two parties – and both parties are fairly closely aligned in their devotion to the system itself. Neither likes the idea of competition.